Paper Crumbler…


Afraid of failure, afraid of rejection but,that particular day I said, I’ll take theflight surprise right didn’t want to feel regret so I texted after jitters went light. Showed up. Needed a little helpfrom his side. Rejected twice. Didn’t fail. Got my answer. No regret insight. He a thottie maybe hottie but it wasgods way … Continue reading Flight


Some don’t want the cake but dig in cookies Either love whole or drown your piecesAnd I don’t mean your many dudes or bitches People underestimate the power of self love.It’s portrayed when one does not seek lust. Lust comes in many forms. Sometimes it’shard when loneliness is full blown Toxic ppl never know how … Continue reading Consist

Air eyes

I’m changing and don’t know what to do with it, yet Ever felt the energy of someone who is not physically there? A presence without presence, it’s cosmically rare Distant lines, not black and white, Just pure air Air eyes I think of you still Late random thoughts made publicly to bare, while I’m no … Continue reading Air eyes


We feed of each other and don’t eveg.20know it.Ideas, thoughts,brainstorming without presence due toan undeniable essence.I remain quiet in the background andlisten,it’s another form of submission Meet me in Momtauk when you’re ready to glisten, are you ready for that lesson…


I say your plants feel your pain just asmuch as your love. So, with that, I wonder if they miss meas much as I miss them for they are anunknown form of love connected to theuniverse just as we all are… Connected in different ways and paths one can’t describe. And sometimes, some know. Sometimes … Continue reading Paths


When emotions are known, Symbols blow. Don’t know how to be known. Hope is an aspect adored. To be understood is adorned. Desire make me weak for I have claimed my red cheeks. When I see his eyes I smile That’s on me


They say, I’ve changed. I say, I’m more myself and the tamed animal likes to, at times, come out and play


No se que estoy asiendo pero se que estoy corriendo de lo normal porque la vida es una y el amor no dura si dos nos están en el mismo cosmo universal Pensamientos valen nada Ser activo vale más Estar en el presente es importante pero también es un lujo porque el futuro significa más … Continue reading Vale

Free BG

141 days is enough punishment. Enough for a country to make a point and others not dare mess with what they do not know. Enough to learn that no one has enough power, love or merit to disobey laws when it comes to substances; in a country not there own. I feel for her 🙁 … Continue reading Free BG


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