Once upon a time…

He was once my night in armor

Ready to help me fight my battle

Protect me from the ignorant

Brought light into my darkness

Showed me what love can feel like

Could never get enough of me

Loved me, for me, and supported my dreams

And then thought me a grand lesson.

My armor was patient





I loved my armor.

Under such a naive state I was

I admit

I was not prepared.

Not prepared for the



Pathological lying

The inflated ego

And in end,

The conniving individual.

It had to be his way

Or no way

It did not matter who got hurt

It did not matter who was thrown under the bus

He could not handle the word


I loved my armor.

I was not perfect,

I admit this.

But, I was good.

Throughout remained good.

I cared so much

I felt his pain when in pain,

I felt his pain.

Why would he treat me in such a way?

Better yet, who is he?

My night in armor

I wish you well

I wish you happiness

I forgive you

and hope you forgive me too

For I had to press, stop.


What once was my night in armor

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