Breaking gods contract?

As i listen to some of Aaliyah’s music… i remembered.

“Almighty is jealous” Said Dito prior to passing when I spoke of getting a tatt of Aaliyah.
I loved her; still do. But. imagine me now; in my 30’s with the face of another being who is not family or whom I’ve never known personally? Heck, imagine at 90?!

Deep discussion had last night with a few known and unknown individuals about those who place other humans permanently onto there body via a tattoo. One said, those who do are lost and are untrustworthy.

I, in the other hand strongly believe there is nothing wrong with the placement of a best friend that may have passed, a child, parent or sibling as it’s a form of love and or the memory. I don’t believe this is idolatry.

But then someone else butted in and from memory said something very similar to what my best friend said to me a couple of years prior to his passing (RIP D).

You shall not bow down to them or serve them, for I the Lord your God am a jealous God.

This person agreed with me on the idea that the loop hole may be someone like a child, parent etc that isn’t idolized but “loved.”

So then, idolized individuals are considered false gods whom are worshiped therefore making them idols whom enroll one out of gods grace?

I then said, it has to be ok to idolize in some form. One has the right to appreciate another human beings effort to better the world. But, then I quickly said, without the need to tattoo them onto my body though. I truly don’t see why anyone would do this and think this to be a genuine act. Which then led me to think of what the first person said,, where those who do are untrustworthy.

I dug more subconsciously. I thought of two ex’s whom have placed my name on there body. And to think of it now, i have indirectly, behaved a certain way about this as it just didn’t sit right. I didn’t know why nor could understand outside of the fact that they “loved” me but, it went deeper. I immediately lost respect for them. Maybe a symbol which connects us two would have been better. Something us two would have only known about. But, my literal name? My profile? It quiet frankly scared me to remain.

This talk amongst a collection of minds and different backgrounds, made me think of those who place music artists and or other idolized humans permanently onto themselves; People who are not family and whom one truly did not know on a personal level. Life held privately where possible unknown sins were committed and one did not know about.

And If this is indeed true, the placement of another human whom is idolized is a form of worship which then means ones contract with God is broken. Humans are faulty. Why would anyone place such a flaw and add a literal descriptive face permanently? Endure such pain for another whom is not family, child or sibling? Why not a shape or outline in which resembles the person or character? a symbol or words that represent an individual whose played a mayor role in ones life? Maybe this can work? I don’t know; I’m just trying to live graciously. Even if it means I may hold a crush on someone full of tattoos.

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