Life’s secret has a flaw…

I research, read and analyze to find what I need in order to make a choice, and at times can only go with a hunch if I listen carefully.

There’s only but so much a person can control with data, numbers and correlations before making a decision.

Choices are circumstances of decisions made within life’s structures. We have so many of them. So many structures.

I can’t entirely be naive or ignorant as I can’t be passive. Not like that. Not anymore. My mind will no longer accept this.

I’m all for compromise but to actively ignore what is undeniably present and continue denying myself the truth. That then, is my fault, isn’t it?

Therefore who cares about what others think and or what one must do to please others. Care more for what one must do to exceed. Care for self while not ruining others. Care to build while not burdening. Care to establish and earn respect. Respect is not given or handed down. It is earned.

Dreaming and seeing a dream truly have a difference.

Facts and data should always beat feelings.

Again, I can compromise.

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