Sad amber tinted eyes

Left alone in the middle of the night with proper tires nor fear to make it here (NH).

So why am I talking myself out of getting over a fear for a foot injury had 4 ish years ago?

Why am I trying to prove I can do anything alone? Who am I proving this too?

I have been cleared to get back on the board. Why am I stuck inside looking out still?

Why am I not yet ready for you to be near when I clearly want you if I’m to be sincere.

Why am I wishing you were here?

Why am I wishing you hit me up more and got to know me better but, at the same time know i need more time to be. More time to breathe; better, for a bit, to leave me be.

Why are you just as paralyzed as I am?

Something deep tells me you sense it.

I have placed a stamp for June.

Its ideal as it’ll help me conclude and heal.

The pressure has been surreal.

End of May or sometime in June I’d like to meet you for real.

What better way then to make that lingering song correlate.

Here I write, while drinking tea from inside looking out onto the snowfield. What I thought I could do alone but, can’t still.

One thing is certain, that day will be random and chill.

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