If i no longer write a sentence, at a minimum, or send voice texts and you are only getting gif’s or one word responses from me… I’m no longer interested and have not blocked your number as you still serve an agenda.

If I do not respond and or stay quiet. It’s because I might like you. I’m off like that.

If I ever express how I feel and it’s taken for granted. Note. It will hurt me and I may not come back from that.

I tend to analyze gestures, details and expressions to learn. Sometimes standing in front of me is not necessary. I’m distinctive like that.

People underestimate the power of expression through actions and words of another when clouded by an agenda and or blind love.

Blind love aka loneliness or lust.

Sometimes accepting and welcoming nature whether via trees, ocean, snow or rocks helps release the fog.

I’ve learned to shut the fuck up.

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